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Celebrating connectedness among women 

Célébrez la Femme, Inc (Celebrate The Woman) is dedicated to bringing women of all races, ages, and social statuses together in harmony to create lasting relationships and generational success.

Friendly Meeting

We Believe In

Empowering women through connectedness, growth, and character-building to foster transformative relationships and allyship among women of all backgrounds.

A Word from Our Founder & President

Ashlee Laughlin

Project Manager in Tech

Lead Marketing & Brand Strategist, The Collective Standard 

Owner, Prim & Proper By Ashlee


Our Core Focus:


Network Building

Our organization highly values the establishment of strong connections with women. We are committed to expanding our community by actively supporting other women in fostering profound and enduring relationships through various programming initiatives.


Advancement in the Workplace

Women's strength is largely determined by the support and camaraderie they receive from their female counterparts. Whether traversing the corporate landscape or venturing into the field of entrepreneurship, women unquestionably deserve enhanced backing and valuable connections to propel them forward to new heights.


Enhanced Availability to Supportive Tools

Our community is rich with numerous resources that cater to women from diverse backgrounds. The problem lies in our lack of awareness about the existence of these valuable assets. It is incumbent upon us to educate fellow women about the abundant opportunities and support available to us in both our personal and professional spheres.


Our Vision 

Providing a platform for multicultural women to thrive and excel in their personal and professional lives through meaningful connections and continuous growth.

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